79119 - Blue Lightning Flexible Aluminum / Zinc Anode Rods Outlet Fitting

Part # : 79119
Model : Blue Lightning Outlet Fitting Aluminum / Zinc Residential Anode Rods
Category : Anode Rods

Outlet / Nipple Fitting
Aluminum / Zinc Residential
Anode Rods

Blue Lightning Aluminum / Zinc Flexible Anode Rod with Outlet Fitting

If you have smelly hot water this rod is for you!! The zinc in this anode rod is designed to combat odor that comes from your hot water tank. Often times when well water is used H2S builds up causing a rotten egg smell to come from your hot water. Zinc counteracts this natural process and eliminates the unwanted odor.

This is the Outlet Fitting model of the Blue Lightning Aluminum Flexible Anode Rod. This model has a length of 42 inches, a diameter of .75 inches, and 3/4-14 NPT thread size (This sizing should be standard for the bulk of residential water heaters). The rod is broken down into four separate segments. Each segment is Aluminum on a steal rod core. The segments are attached via copper or stainless steel couplers and 301 stainless steel braided wire. All of our Anode Rods are lead free!

In most cases we recommend our Magnesium version of the Blue Lightning Rod but sometimes magnesium can have a hard time standing up to harsher water conditions. Aluminum is best to use when you know your water is hard and you have experienced rapid deterioration of your previous anode rod. Aluminum rods are also best to use if you use a water softener.

The Blue Lightning Aluminum Anode Rod should be checked on an annual basis and in most cases replaced every other year depending on the rate of deterioration.

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