What is an Anode Rod?

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Every Water Heater Has One

  1. The life of a water heater depends on the condition of the anode rod. It is used by manufacturers to extend tank life and is often a big determining factor in warranty length.

  2. New Anode Rods in Water Heater

It's Purpose is to Protect the Water Heater Tank Against Corrosion.

  1. Over time the metal interior of your water heater can become exposed causing optimal conditions for corrosion to take place. Anode Rods alter this natural process by sacrificing themselves instead of the water heater's tank.

  2. Corrosion on top of water heater

The Anode Attracts the Corrosive Properties in the Water

The interior of your water heater is lined with a type of glass to protect the water heater's steel from corroding. Over time this glass lining can develop cracks and lead to deterioration. In an effort to curve this, a water heater comes with an anode rod made from a more conductive metal to attract the corrosive properties in your water through a process called electrolysis.

Anode Rods Attract Corrosion

Replacing the Anode before it is completely deteriorated is crucial to ensuring the tank is appropriately protected.

Anode Rod Needs to be Replaced

Installing a Plug Type Anode Rod

Installing a Nipple Type Anode Rod

What Does an Anode Rod Look Like When it is Working?

Life Cycle of an Anode Rod

Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rods

The Plumbers Choice sells several types of flexible anode rods, but none compare to the quality and adaptability of our Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod brand. We chose to make our rods from magnesium instead of aluminium; a more durable, longer lasting, and environmentally friendly metal.

Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rods

Aluminum Anode Rods or Magnesium Anode Rods?

Aluminum Anode Rod Sludge at the Bottom of Water Heater

The advantages of Magnesium far exceed those of Aluminum. Aluminum rods are most appropriate for customers with hard water conditions or those that use well water. Even though aluminum may stand up a little better to harsher water conditions they often break down and sink to the bottom of your water heater. This causes a nasty sludge to build-up that must be cleaned to prevent harmful aluminum by-products. If you use an aluminum anode rod be sure to run cold water to flush your pipes out before drinking from the tap. It May also be in your best interest to invest in a Drainage Kit to Simplify the Draining / Flushing of Your Tank

Magnesium Dissolves in Your Water
and is Eco-Friendly

Magnesium dissolves in your water rather than flake away and collect at the bottom of your water heater. Magnesium is very eco-friendly and is a vital element in all living things.

Eco Friendly

Our Anode Rods Come With an Innovative Design

Our rods are flexible for easier installation in the tightest of spaces. Blue Lightning Flexible Anode Rods are divided into four smaller sections, each about 9 and a half inches, providing installers the added flexibility in confined areas. It's that type of thinking that's made Blue Lightning Anode Rods every Plumber's Choice!

Rigid Anode Rods
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